Welcome to Assembly

Assembly is a clan on the planet Rubi-Ka. It was founded in the late fall of 29476 by six friends who sat down together, discussing what they wanted to do with their lives, offer to the free clans of Rubi-Ka and to eachother.

The highest goal of Assembly is to improve clans co-operation and force the Omni-Tek corporation to relinquish the lease and alleged 'ownership' of the planet. We strongly oppose Omni-Tek and will not cease the struggle. We will use any means necessary to resist the suffocating grasp of the corporation.

Our every-day schedule consists of handling intel, offer protective services, surveillance and more. We offer extractions from Omni-Tek and work hard with other clans to ensure the corporation cannot rest easy.

Assembly is a para-military organization. We claim the right to defend clan property, personnel and interests, and will not hesitate to use any means we deem right in the fight against Omni-Tek.

Assembly identifies with the policies of Rubi-Ka's largest legacy clan The Sentinels.

For further information on our purpose, goals and services, feel free to contact the Advisors or the President.

Currently, Assembly is not accepting new members

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