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Title: [Personal file] Jenae Godfray - Personal file
Post by: Tussa on Sep 29, 2004, 20:04
Name: Jenae Godfray
Callsign: Tussa
Breed: Solitus
Gender: Female
Eyes: Green (natural) ::Note: Left eye is cybernetic. First model installed in March 29479 (
Hair: Red (natural)
Height: 173 cm/5'6" (natural)
Weight: 65 kg/143 lbs (natural)
Marital status: Divorced (married Cordell Kirklin on June 14th 29488, divorced March 16th 29489)
Born: June 6th 29460 in Jemm, Miralen - Gamma system 34X-7. Current age: 35

Biological parents: Reyne Godfray (b. 29435) and Aarman Godfray (b. 29433) <error::further data not found>
Closest family: Maternal grandmother - Elya (b. 29406). Siblings - Deckan and Rory (twins, b. 29462)

Education: Studied meta-physicism following basic training on Rubi-Ka. Special note: Talented mindshifter.
Ongoing education: Human psychology
Certified exams: Mindshifting - March 29478. Controls the blue Zhok demon and the Rihwen.

History in Rubi-Ka public personnel files:
Relocated to Rubi-Ka on March 12, 29476. Registered as a clan citizen and found accomodation in Tir. Currently owns apartments in Tir - backyard 14, Jobe - Harbour, Market and Plaza levels and in Sunrise - Vernazza wing.

History of affiliation:

History of trespassing: <no registered trespassing on Omni-Tek territories or property>

History of insurgency:

Known contacts:
Clan: Strong bonds with clan leaders, several of them militant, including Commander Simon Silverstone of The Sentinels. Considered a staunch supporter of clan Sentinels. Formed the second Council of Truth, later held seat in the clerical staff.
Neutral: No known contacts of interest, although previous co-operation with the Nanomage Liberation Front for research purposes was confirmed.
Omni-Tek: No known contacts.

Other comments:
See file 43387/GT-27, standard clan citizen file.
Title: Re: [Personal file] Jenae Kirklin (née Godfray) - Personal file
Post by: Tussa on Jun 15, 2014, 16:47
Updates to the public personal file include change of name, marital status and history of affiliation.