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Title: [Personal file] Shadowset
Post by: Shadowset on Feb 16, 2005, 07:52
Name: Roger "Shadowset" Garanti
Breed: Nanomage (Born Solitus)
Gender: Male
Eyes: None (Visor)
Hair: None
Marital status: --error--
Born: December 6, 29460 on Shmet3 in the Coralos Cluster

Parents: Dead

Other known family: Dead

VAT Number: 627515

Education: Studied Meta-Physicist skills under Jenae "Tussa" Godfray following basic training in Rubi-Ka's Backyard #3.

Public files, History: Found by Clan members in Backyard training area 3 on January 18th 29478. Currently owns three apartments; Athen West - Backyard 3; Jobe - Harbor level (Lux); Jobe - Harbor level.

History of affiliation: Joined clan Assembly 19 January 29478, been member since.