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I'll be away a few days, I'm undergoing surgery tomorrow.  I've been spending the last 10 days back and forth between hospitals and clinics for both me and my son, geez...

I'll have the surgery, and he's taking his meds, so it should all be over pretty soon :)

I made him take them, now he understood that there's no way he can avoid it and cooperates, hehe.

See you in a bit!

Surgery always sounds scary. I hope it's something small and easy to..uh...surger. Get well soon, Jo!

And I'm back :)

Can't do much aside from sitting at the computer for now...  Laparoscopy.  I got in the surgery at about noon and woke up at 2:00 pm :)  Not bad at all!  They let me go very soon after, seeing how quickly I shook off the effects of the anesthesy (general anesthesy, sleeeeeping).

...but I nonetheless feel like a balloon that has been ran over by a car  :p  They actually -inflate- you!  Can't wait to get rid of that balloon feeling ;)

I got help here, mom's staying over for a couple of days (depending on how I'll be recovering).  She's used to have television though and it's odd for her because I never watch TV, so I didn't bother to get the cable.  She's resorting on listening to the hockey game description on the radio *lol*

I'm back for my first return visit in 'rehab' again, and this time with a crappy internet connection, so I won't be able to log on at all, even if I have all the time in world during evenings. I am a sad panda.

Eww, to slow internets.


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