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The good news...I decided to come back to AO.  Looking forward to seeing who is still around and/or made it back to 'Ka.

The bad news (sorta)...closing on my house this Friday (hopefully, if all goes well), so it will probably be a couple weeks before I reactivate my account. 

It will be interesting because I didn't think this day would ever come, so I granted Varija access to my bank account (during that brief month she came back) to pillage whatever she wanted.  Which means, of course, my Hold Hell at Bay and anything else needed to survive Inferno (?).  More interesting is I believe that is exactly where I last logged out.  LOL

Catch you all soon!!!


Great to hear from you again Krish!

Xee, Tussa, and I are rehashing some of the old OOC, and IC rules. We're hopeing to open up recruitment soon (tm). Naturally Vets are welcome back :D
We have our fingers crossed for more old faces to show up too!

Good luck with your house! See you in game soon!!!

Awesome news!!

Hey Krish :D

We're not many, as you probably guess :) You can look up the Assembly roster to see who's listed and add those names to your friend list. This way, If you catch one online, you can hit us up and get in touch :)

I'm having some health issues at the moment, so I'm not online as often. Let us know when you can be around! It would be nice to catch you while you're on. Also, on which character ;)

I think (officially) Krishnitt was the only one in Assembly.  Assuming all my toons are waiting for me, you can also add Argad (Trox MA) to your friend's list.  I am not sure what other toons I have on that account (not activated yet).  I had a second account, but that info was lost on an email account that is no longer used.  I currently have a froob account to get the feel of the game again.

Quick update with the house...closing was delayed to this Wednesday.  My final walk-through is tomorrow right after work.  Also note-worthy is my current time-zone.  I remember having to Lone Wolf it a lot because I was US West Coast.  I am now on the East Coast, so kinda excited to see how that changes things a bit.

One question...what is the command to look up Assembly's roster?  /assembly roster?  or maybe /roster assembly?


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