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[Personal File] Jason Kim



Name: Jason 'Zinann' Kim
Breed: Solitus
Gender: Male
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Born: November 16th, 29478. Borealis.

Biological parents: Sgt Henry Kim (DECEASED - Killed in the Outzones, June 29487), Jennifer Kim (DECEASED - Killed in the battle of Borealis, July 29487)
Closest family: Jacob Kim, brother (b. 29473, DECEASED - Killed in the battle of Borealis, July 29487)
Legal Guardians: Jenae and Cordell Kirklin, adoptive parents (September 29488)

Current Residence: Tir, Previously Newland City Orphanage, (August 29487 to September 29488), originally Borealis, Backyard 3 apartment.

Occupation: Student, enrolled in Newland City Elementary School.

Medical record:
- Released from Newland Medical clinic early August 29487, after being treated for minor bruises as a result of the Battle for Borealis July 20487. Notes suggest that he had not spoken a word while under the care of the doctors.
- Continuous psychological therapy by the Orphanage Doctor, to help Mr. Kim cope with his grief.
- Notes suggest that Mr. Kim started talking again medio November 29487, at a fieldtrip to a neutral research facility, that specialized in Alien research.
- His recovery has since then been improving steadily, and he seems more at ease with himself and his new situation.
- The doctor still notes that he apparently refuses to acknowledge his fathers death as final.
- Medcials completed primo September 29488 as part of the adoption process shows a healthy 9 year old, but notes suggest that he is still in denial about his fathers fate.


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