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[Personal File] Sami Uusitalo


[[OOC Note: All normal text can be read by everyone. Blue text means that only Omni medical, Omni reform, Omni AF, Omni R&D and any higher ups, would have access, or anyone with enough skill to hack into their systems without being traced. Red text means that only Omni AF and higher ups will be able to read, or anyone able to hack into their systems]]

Name: Sami Uusitalo
Callsign: Tundra, Tundrah.
Breed: Solitus
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Place of Birth: Rome Blue.
Current location: UNKNOWN!!! ERROR!

Physical Appearance: Subject stands up five foot and six inches. He is rather thin, with round features and dark blue eyes. His hair is long, thick and curly, and dark brown in colour, almost black.
Distinguishing Marks: He wears some of his hair in long braids, usually with white or red woollen like fabric woven into them.

Former career(s): Package delivery boy for Omni Trans, Omni AF, Designation: Orcus.
Family: Annika Uusitalo (Mother - Deceased), Pauli Uusitalo (Father - Deceased), Taru Uusitalo (Sister - Deceased), Mikko Uusitalo (Brother - deceased)
Known Friends/ Acquaintances: None. ::: Henri Sorvali, Mikael Karlborn, Samuli Ponsimaa, Mathias Lillmans, Aleksi Virta, Teemu Raimoranta, Jan Jämsen, Trinity Luna, Sandra LaCroix.

Brief psychological analysis: Patient suffers from schizophrenia, paranoia, delusions, depression, cannibalistic tenancies, violent outbursts, and dependency issues.

Reasons subject was brought to Reform and course of action to be taken: Transferred by Agent Ryland after Uusitalo's mission took a turn for the worse. Has been added to the Pandora Project for further testing, drug trials and rehabilitation. Medical implants have been given and the uplink to said implants has been added to the database. Some areas of his treatment are to remain classified until further notice. [ERROR! MISSING INFORMATION, CORRUPT DATA FOUND!]

Currently: Sami Uusitalo is wanted by Omni Tek. If found, approach with caution. Target is considered highly unstable and dangerous and will react violently if provoked. If you know more about this man, please contact Omni Pol, or your local Omni Reform centre immediately.

[More to follow]

((OOC Segment: The information below will require someone to have the right security clearance or have an incredibly good hacking skill. This isn't the sort of information accessed via the grid. It is, as far as Officials are concerned, completely off the record and very very secretive. If you would like your character to gain access to this information, please let me know either in game or via a PM. Thank you ^_^ ))

[Restricted Access: The Pandora Project. Only those involved in the Project are allowed access to this information. Breach of security will result in termination.]

Date: 14.03.29487
Test Subject: 1729

Treatments: Nano therapy, DNA resequencing, neurological treatments, psychological and sociological treatments and tests, physical stress tests, chemical treatments (listed and experimental), shock therapy, memory replacement and repression therapy, and general observation tests.

Safety measures: Subjects old insurance information has been terminated. Updates will occur as and when needed. Older copies will be kept if subject needs to be restored to a previous setting. Subject will be restrained as and when needed. Subject will be sedated as and when needed. Dosage may need increased from time to time.

Notes: Subject has gained a taste for living flesh. He has been observed consuming the flesh of live animals. Will not eat normal food. Will drink water and alcohol. Will not drink anything else. Subject 1729 was left along in a room with Subject 8208. Two days passed before subject 8208 was beaten and consumed by Subject 1729. Since then 1729 has had a taste for living flesh. Gene resequencing has been successful.

Emotional repression is proving to be a problem. Subject 1729 seems more emotional with each treatment. Repression can only be triggered for short amounts of time.

Memory repression therapy is a success. Replacement therapy has been unsuccessful so far. Replacement therapy has resulted in the complete and total loss of a large amount of memories.

Subject 1729 has been given a variety of physical treatments including chemical treatments, nano treatments and psychological treatments.
His DNA has also been altered, allowing us to experiment with a variety of possibilities. Immunities, reaction times, thought patterns, interests, allergies, mental health issues, and so on, have all been altered over the last few years in order to give us variety, allowing the project to develop a wide array of drugs and nano stims, as well as vital information on the mind and body.
Subject 1729 will continue to undergo these procedures until we deem him ready enough to release back into society. Subject will not return to Omni Tek. Subject should pursue other interests with the Clans. As and when this happens, stage 2 of Project Pandora will begin.


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