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Planet name: Kalos Prime
Moon: Kalos 1
System: Kalos

Population: Appx. 40,000,000,000
Breeds: Solitus (99%), Others (1%)
Age structure: 0-14 years: 42.5%, 15-64 years: 54.7%, 65 years and over: 2.8%
Median age: Total: 18.7 years. Male: 18.5 years. Female: 18.9 years
Exports: Hydrogen, Helium, Water, Ammonia, Methane
Climate: Poor terraforming and tidal locking result in enormous temperature swings during the moon’s orbit.  Ubiquitous, massive storms fill the atmosphere as a result. 
Terrain: Urban; heavily cratered w/cities built into and around the landscape; rocky plains outside the main conurbations.
Natural resources: Gas and water extracted from the main planet

Legal structure: Omni-Tek Kalos Corporate Law
Legislative Branch: Omni-Tek Kalos Board of Directors

Economy overview: The Kalos system economy is oriented around gas extraction, and with the exception of a thriving black market, is entirely Omni-Tek controlled. The system is considered an important resource, located near several major logistical routes and providing 13% of the total gas extracted in OT territory. The gas giant is still producing to quota, despite thousands of years of industry.  A possibly sentient native species is still sometimes seen at the atmospheric levels where extraction occurs, but is largely assumed to have retreated lower into the atmosphere, where eventual extinction awaits. With nothing more important than meeting the quarterly extraction targets, Kalos One is an oppressive moon, with short life spans and employees trapped by un-payable debts to the corporate stores.

The moon itself is dominated by two massive urban conglomerates, Agadir and Rabat. The current seat of government is in the Executive Sector of Rabat.  The OT Board of Directors regularly moves to the lowest-performing city to provide “hands-on” guidance in increasing production.  Outside of the cities, Kalos One is an extremely hostile environment, inimical to crops.  All food is imported from off planet.  Food riots are a regular occurrence, and rationing is used to reward high-producing sectors and punish unrest.

The population of Kalos One consists mostly of solitus gas extractors, and corporate management. Poverty is endemic, with a move from extraction into the corporate bureaucracy perceived as the ultimate ticket out of hardship.  Most of the corporate management is brought in from off planet, however.  Civic unrest is a semi-regular occurrence, with a nearly successful revolution in the last 5 years. At least some of this unrest is blamed on agitators from other corporations, such as Sol Banking and TruSpace. Exports from Kalos are primarily used within the Omni-Tek system, and so profits are generally seen in the form of bonuses to upper management, as well as a rare shipment of extra food or small luxuries.


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