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[Personal File] Valendia (OTA-HEBVD-8895-15)
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Full Name and Call-Sign: Vanessa "Valendia" DeMarco
Preferred Name: Vanessa
Breed: Solitus
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 16 November 29451 (age 36)

Current Profession: Fixer
Org Department & Rank: None as of yet
Birthplace: Martine, Xavos XII
Current Residence: West Athen
Participation and Access Clearance: Access revoked. Considered extremely dangerous.
Status: Active

Further details of Genetic background, past and present Professions, Residences and Org departments can be detailed in form OTA-HEBFI-456432 Subsection 37.D.iii.ψ and appended here: Worked as a mechanic during college.

OTA-HEBFI-456432 Subsection 37.D.iii.ψ


Height: 165cm (5'5")
Weight: 68.18kg (150 lbs)
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Grey
Distinguishing Features: Right index finger is a replacement.
Known Allergies: Bee venom
State of Physical Health: Excellent
Biological Modifications and Enhancements: Datajack installed into right finger when replaced.
Disabilities: None

A more detailed Biomedical profile can be included in form OTA-HEBWY-985454 Subsection 5.X.iii.ξ and appended here: Right finger was replaced in 29473 *fzzpt* missed the target *fzzpt* data jack installed, for unknown reasons.

OTA-HEBWY-985454 Subsection 5.X.iii.ξ


Degree of Education: Graduated from University of Mallax on Xavos XII in 29472.
Distinguishing Behavioural Traits: Very sure of herself and her abilities.
Addictions, Vices and Habits: Always starts off the day with two cups of coffee.
Mental Disorders and Phobias: None known.

A prĂ©cis of formal educational history and psychoanalytical observations can be included in form OTA-HEBFG-852000 Subsection 48.B.vii.γ and appended here: Graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering. Seems focused on fighting Omni-Tek *fzzpt* which earned her a death sentence, the ungrateful *fzzpt* the common people.

OTA-HEBFG-852000 Subsection 48.B.vii.γ


Names of Parents: Andrew DeMarco (father, Director-General of Xavos XII, father), Marie DeMarco (maiden name Forsythe, mother).
Names of Siblings: Joseph (brother, whereabouts unknown).
Names of Significant Others and/or Spouses: Victor Arneson (husband, deceased *fzzpt* failed to draw her out *fzzpt*)
Names of Children: Tyler (son, deceased), Mitchell (son, deceased), Kelly (daughter, deceased)
Name of Nominated Next of Kin: N/A
Organisation & Group Memberships: Claims membership in the Brotherhood of the Arcanum, a spiritual *fzzpt* terrorist group *fzzpt* Xavos XII.

Further details on interpersonal, familial and organisational relations can be included in form OTA-HEBQQ-333487 Subsection 96.A.i.π and appended here: Husband and kids were killed in a suspected terrorist bombing in 29478 *fzzpt* missed the target again *fzzpt*.

OTA-HEBQQ-333487 Subsection 96.A.i.π



>Vanessa is the daughter of the newly-appointed Director-General of Xavos XII. Early on, she seemed to be the proper daughter of a high-ranking Omni-Tek employee, appearing at all the right functions with her parents, dressing well, excelling in school. But somehow during her college years, she started questioning what she was being taught, and what she was reading *fzzpt* subversive elements *fzzpt* spending more time with the Undesirables. Has survived no less than six assassination attempts *fzzpt* eight, you moron *fzzpt* when she was fitted with a datajack barely a year after graduating from college, after an attack on her wedding day to Victor Arneson *fzzpt* missed the whole damn bunch! *fzzpt* five years later when a suspected car bomb exploded, severely damaging the building foundation, causing it to collapse *fzzpt* supposed to know she had left a day earlier? YOU'RE the Int *fzzpt* and eighty-two people living inside of it, including her husband and three kids, who were likely at the epicenter of the blast. It is suspected that the riots that took place in Telikost City shortly after were related to this incident *fzzpt* instigated it by *fzzpt* whereabouts are unknown, as is how she slipped through the Omni-Tek security web *fzzpt* damn Fixer, how do you think she did it, you idiot? *fzzpt*