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[Personal file] Ompia
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Name: Anna "Ompia" Macgregor
Breed: Nano
Gender: Female
Eyes: Blue (Glowing Natural)
Hair: Black (What she has of it)
Marital status: Single
Born: Dec 25th 29462

Biological parents:  Unknown <Grid Error: <visual fuzz> Classified>
Closest family: <Unknown> <Grid Error: <visual fuzz> Classified>

Closest Friend: Lauryn "Usia" Sosnowski <GridUpdate: See Gridfeed X1101-3/T1>

Education: Self Taught in the Ideas of the Meta physics

History in Rubi-Ka public personnel files: Geneticly Engineered in Omni Trade by Omni-tek scientists <Grid Error: <visual fuzz> Classified>

History of affiliation: Defected Omni-tek - Jan 10th 29467 , Joined Clan Assembly April 21st <Current date>

History of trespassing: Arrested for destruction Of Omni Tek Property, Presumed Deceased.

History of insurgency:  Tried and found Guilty of 10 counts of murdering Omni Tek Personel

Known contacts:
Clan: Usia
Neutral:  Unknown
Omni-Tek: <Grid Error::9101a5>

Other comments: N/A
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