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In the seven or eight months I've been part of Assembly, a lot of funny things have been said... more and more of them very recently. I'm someone who remembers mostly the funny or heartwarming happenings, and as such, I'd love to set up a little sig bank here.

Stuff, for me, is funny often because of the sheer absurdity of what's being said - how many of you can  not laugh upon hearing/seeing a big, deliriously grinning Atrox with a reputation of being stoic and serious (with occasional tendencies toward the Lark Side...) say the following:

Ridgerunner: R U Fixxors?

Of course, then there are the people who you always expect something funny from, but who surprise you every damn time regardless. Sadly I can't log ingame graphics of a leeted Kotts moonwalking (:P), but...

[Assembly] Xeenah: Luci! *waves frantically*
[Assembly] Xeenah: We're engaged!!!
[Assembly] Absyn: We are? Well, I'm honoured!

So... seriously, guys, I love sigs. I like to change between them a lot. It doesn't matter if no-one notices them, since it makes me grin every time I spot my own sig...

My four most recent sigs, first topmost:

[Team] Tussa: afk killing cats

[Team] Kotts: I'm very sneaky sir
[Team] Ragunn: Suits you, sir

Ridgerunner: R U Fixxors?
Kotts: omg yes!
Kotts r u leet?

Tussa: Yarr matey

The funny thing is when things are taken totally out of context.

[Team] Ragunn: Harhar! Thank you, I come here every night! Tip your waitress.

[Team] Ragunn: ...wait, Kotts is only interested in tentacles?

Hyperfists shouts: As new leader of the Assembly...  I would like to make a rule that there will be no more Puftas!


Kotts shouts: I swear your honor she said she was 18!


Tussa shouts: Has the jury reached a verdict?
Kotts shouts: we have!
Tussa shouts: What say you?
Hyperfists shouts: ahem
Ragunn shouts: No more canned food!
Kotts shouts: we find the defendent, Waffles!
Hyperfists shouts: and Lux appartments for all us grunts!
Tussa shouts: Then I sentence you all to dancing the macarena five times a day for no less than a period of seven year, three months, twelve days and twenty hours!
Gherrit shouts: I don't think so...
Hyperfists shouts: Did we vote for her?
Kotts shouts: Nooooooooo!
Tussa shouts: With naked women ready for your beck and call
Kotts shouts: ok never mind!
Gherrit shouts: Well frag yeah then
Hyperfists shouts: I VOTED YES YES I DID!!
Kotts shouts: long live Pres Godfray!
Gherrit shouts: Where are the naked women!?

Gannondorph gets his pvp gun out.

[Assembly] Juxiao: cookie
[Assembly] Sembly: Cookie for you Juxiao »» Whatever happened to the good old days when sex was dirty and the air was clean?
[Assembly] Juxiao: Why do I always get the dirty ones.
[Assembly] Juxiao: ~I wasn't trained for this~


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